Getting a free financial assessment at one of our Help to Buy Shows

Published: May 2019

If you’re planning on having a free financial assessment with one of the advisors at our shows they’re great as they help you to find out what you can raise in a mortgage, what you could expect to pay each month on your new property, and how much deposit and savings you will require to buy it.

The advisor will need to know some basic information from you to be able to do the financial assessment and advise you of your best options. As well as your contact details they will need to know your annual household income including any regular bonuses, your monthly outgoing commitments such as loan or credit card repayments, and they’ll ask if you have any savings put aside for a deposit and fees. There is no credit check during the financial assessments so you don’t need to bring proof or paperwork for anything with you to the show but you do need to know the above figures. We’ve made a handy form you can pre-fill with all of the details you’ll need before the show. Click here to download it then just fill it in and bring it with you on the day.

And remember, if you will be making a joint application with your partner, you’ll need to know their information too.

If you have any CCJ’s or have ever been declared bankrupt you will need to tell the advisor this at the beginning of your assessment.

If you are unsure how the different Help to Buy buying schemes work then please come to the Help to Buy South stand first when you arrive and we can give you an overview before you head off to get a financial assessment. Alternatively you can read about them here before you come to the show.

Download the financial assessment basic details form here and save time on the day.