Moving home soon? Check out these hassle-free tips to help you get organised in the run up to moving day!

Published: October 2016

Does the idea of moving out and getting all your bits and bobs together give you a headache?

Worry no more as we’ve created a handy list to keep you on track.

1. The first item on the list is, ironically, to make a list yourself. Jot down all the things you need to bring, from feather dusters to furniture. Sort items into categories if it helps and just tick through as you go, it’ll help avoid the mistake of leaving the dog’s favourite toy behind. Remember to label any breakables or delicate items and fill them with any spare bubble wrap you have or, failing that, leftover newspaper will do. Avoid overfilling boxes too and making them too heavy.

2. Work backwards from your move-in date by creating a planning calendar. Plot key deadlines in and give yourself enough time that you won’t feel rushed. If dates slip a bit don’t fret! You’ll be able to be flexible by checking the calendar and adjust

3. Keep track of a couple of month’s worth of post and e-mails sent such as bills or information from your bank. These are people that you’ll need to notify once you have your new address and it’ll save yourself hassle later on when you realise you’ve not been receiving your magazine subscriptions. You could check out the Post Office website and set up a postal divert, it’ll help make sure you have plenty of time to let people know of your new address.

4. Make sure you’ve got the removal van all booked and ready to go. Once your stuff is all boxed up and ready to go you can then easily just pack it and any furniture ready to go. If you’re able to slowly move in over a few days rather than all at once you can take things piecemeal to keep things organised.

5. Get rid of the extra! If you’ve accumulated things over the years that you really don’t want to bring with you why not give it away to friends or family or donate to a charity shop? You’ll have less things to pack and those old items will end up helping someone else

6. Spend the penultimate day remembering the good times at your old home and get ready to celebrate many more at your new one. Don’t forget to say goodbye when you close that door for that last time!

These quick tips should help get rid of some of the hassle and let you enjoy the experience of moving. Within no time you’ll be able to put the kettle on, sit back and watch the TV… you did remember to pack it didn’t you?!