Why it’s important to keep your application with Help to Buy South up to date

Published: August 2018

Your application with us could be your successful route into home ownership so it’s important you keep all of the information in it updated and accurate.

You can view the details you told us when you registered with us by logging into your application; simply visit the log in page on our website. If you have any problems logging in or can’t remember your password simply click the ‘forgotten password’ button and you’ll be sent a password reset link via email. If you have any other issues logging in just contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 456 11 88 who will be able to help you. The team are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

What changes do I need to notify Help to Buy South of?
It is important that all of your details with us are up to date so we recommend updating your application with any change of circumstances, but it’s particularly important to let us know of a change of name or address, your income or savings and if you are expecting a baby.

What happens if I don’t update my application?
If you would like to rent a home on one of the Help to Buy rental schemes or buy a home on the Shared Ownership scheme then you will need to apply for homes via our website and your application will be viewed by the Housing Association renting or selling the home. The data they access about you needs to be up to date to ensure your eligibility and affordability to buy or rent a home is assessed correctly.

For example, if you’d like to buy a home on the Shared Ownership scheme and your current savings on your application are £3,000 but the home you’ve registered interest in requires a £4,500 deposit then your application would imply that you cannot afford the deposit for the home and may lose the opportunity to view or buy it.

Help to Buy South will contact you twice a year if you have not logged into your account to ask whether you would like to remain registered with us. At the moment this happens every 6 months in April and October. All you need to do is log into your account or follow the link in the email we send you and your application will remain unchanged. If we do not get a response from you your application will be cancelled.

If you’re not currently registered with Help to Buy South and would like to know more about why you would need to register with us read our blog on the topic. If you want to jump straight to completing your new application with us click here.

How do I make changes to my application?
Once logged in to your application it is displayed in 4 sections which are shown as blue buttons along the top of the page; they are ‘About you’, ‘Work & Income’, ‘What you’re looking for’ and’ Application Summary’. If you click on the application summary page you can see and review all of the details of your application.

There are two way to update details in your application; you can either click on the relevant button along the top to choose the section you want to update or you can scroll through the summary page and when you find the part you’d like to update click the blue ‘edit’ button. You will then be taken to a page where you can edit your details.

Once you have finished your updates click on the blue ‘next stage’ button and this will take you through your application page by page where you can check all other details, making any other updates or just checking everything is accurate then when you get to the end click on ‘Submit Application’. It is really important that you click this button otherwise any changes you have made will not be saved. Help to Buy South will then get an email to let us know you’ve made updates.

If you haven’t already registered with us and would like to click here to start your free application. For more information check out our blog on why to register with us.